Saturday, January 27, 2007

No night knitting for pumpkin girl

Sigh. I decided not to go to the all night knitting event after all. Today has been horrid. And, all I really want is a good night's sleep.

I've felt icky all day, but that's mostly because I'm getting over a mild cold. That, and weekends mess up my schedules, so that I never eat 3 meals a day. Without enough food, it's just takes too much energy.

But, did I mention in another post that I wanted to start on the Rogue sweater next? Yes I did. And I also mentioned that it might take a bit of work to get the pattern. It's stored on my old computer, which hasn't been set up in the whole 6 months since we've moved. There isn't anything vitally important on it, obviously. I set up the 'puter today, and found that it wouldn't start. It worked when I unplugged it to pack! But it didn't today. It would start to come on, it would flash the Windows start-up screen, and the the monitor would go black and go into power-saving mode.

Well, at the time, I was sooo tired, I took my husband's advice, and snuggled into our love-sac (beanbag chair) to take a nap. I couldn't fall asleep! And I really really wanted to...

Life goes on. I eventually had to get up to make supper. After supper, I gave it another try, including searching the internet on another computer to find troubleshooting procedures. Eventually, after literally hours, I found the command that was causing problems, in the system.ini file. Now, it will load Windows, but the display is still freaky.

That I'm leaving for tomorrow.

But why I'm not going to the knit-all-night at the LYS? For one thing, I'm really tired. For another, Little J is getting sick (sniffles, mild fever, and grumpy) and I don't want to leave him. His daddy was sick with the same stuff, and is still acting a bit needy. ;) And finally, I'm certain I'd turn into a pumpkin if I was out after midnight!

I did get some knitting done today. Those socks for my sister, are almost done. I need to do kitchener stitch on the main toe section, knit up the big toe part, and work in the ends. Then they are done! After I finish them, I'll work on the FairIsle gloves, and then I can start my new project. Yay!

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