Sunday, January 21, 2007

Rogue Resolution

I hereby resolve to never ever make New Year's Resolutions again! that is, after I finish my resolution to finish the current WIPs...

Well, we got back from our Christmas trip to Thailand, and I made a new resolution. Post on this darned blog more often! If I can do anything, I can type. Maybe some days I can't talk, and some days I certainly can't think, but typing is more a motor I have no excuses. Except for the little boy.

Here's pictures of the little j himself. In the one where you can't see his face, I'm hanging onto his overall straps so he won't fall in the goldfish pond. This was at a zoo in Ubonratchathani, the Tiger Zoo. Besides all the tigers (over 40!) there were huge goldfish (koi?) in a cement pond. Little J was fascinated, not just by the fish, but by the water coming out of a pipe. Me, I felt like an exhibit. All the local people visiting the zoo with their kids were staring at us. Nothing like being a pale skinned tourist in an Asian country!

It was an interesting zoo. I don't know much about it, as all the signs were in Thai. One things for sure, it wouldn't be approved by the AZA. The animals were all in small cages, with not nearly enough room.

Here's another picture of Little J. This one, he's sitting on a small statue of a zebra.
(I've got to put in a comment about my dress here. I went shopping the clearance racks at an expensive department store right before we left, and found it for 20% of the original price! El Cheapo! I love it! Even though it's got a tendency to show more cleavage then I want, it was cool and comfortable in Thailand's 80 degree weather)

Knitting Updates:

2006 was a good year for my knitting, but I had one last-minute Christmas project that I was working on while we were in Thailand. It was a pair of fingerless FairIsle gloves for my Grandma. I had sent one of the pair along to her(the finished one) and I kept the second one to work on. When we got back to the States, unfortunately, she told me that it didn't fit. Odd, it fit my hands :)

So, I sent the pair of fingerless gloves made out of my favorite alpaca/wool yarn that I had already made. They were much more stretchy than the FairIsle gloves, so I think they'll fit. I don't have a picture of that one, but here's a picture of the wrist warmers I made with that yarn. I had made two pairs of these as gifts last year.
The yarn is soft and warm, in a blue/purple/almost black hand dyed color scheme, and all I have left of it is a little tiny ball. I could cry. Seriously, I have to check on Ebay who I bought that stuff from. So I can get more!
So, I have the FairIsle fingerless gloves to finish, there's a pair of socks for my sister to finish (I hope the fit. She's grown another shoe size since I've started those socks. (How alliterative!)), a cardigan that's never going to fit me, and an afghan to crochet...and I have plans!

I am going to knit Rogue. TaDa!

And I already have yarn to do it with. Umm, there is a story behind it (well of course there is. Otherwise, why would I have mentioned it?). Y'see, about 3 weeks ago, I noticed a bag of clothes in front of our house, in the middle of the street. I left it a day, in case anyone would come to fetch them, but when they were still there...I brought them up onto our porch. It was three pairs of pants, a little worn but pretty nice, and a sweater. I thought, if one of our neighbors had accidentally left their clothes in the middle of the street (okay, it sounds improbably, but, I've left things on the top of my car and driven off before. It could happen!) they would be able to see the clothes and retrieve them. Nothing happened for about a week, except for the clothes getting rained on. (The rain would be due to my procrastination. Not the rain itself, but the getting rained on part.) Finally, after stepping around the clothes many many times, I brought them inside and washed them.

This was before I found the tag on the sweater that said "100% wool, Dry Clean only".

Okaaay....but it was okay. Mostly because I had washed them on the delicate cold cycle because it felt like wool. There may be slight felting, but not enough to worry about.

I had intended to donate these to the Goodwill store, but now, I had a flash of inspiration.

It's wool! It's a color I like! Let's take it apart!
A Recycled Rogue! What a concept!

I thought to take a picture of the sweater when I only had one section still unripped. Oops. Well, here's the front of the sweater. It was an man's XL turtleneck, with rolled hem and cuffs, in a dark orange. The color is darker than it show in the photos.

And here are the balls of yarn, the
sweater is almost completely undone. This color is much more accurate. When I weighed them, I've got 1.8 lbs of yarn. It's a worsted weight, and runs 10 WPI (wraps per inch). The wool I found online that was about the same size, was 109 yds per 1.75 oz, so, I think I have more than the 1500 the size L Rogue needs. (Please, someone check my math!) I'm not sure what size I'm making; I need to find my tape measure and wrap it around myself.

Now that the yarn is all wound up, it's time to put it away. I promised little sister that I would finish her socks, and I'm determined to wear those FairIsle gloves this winter. But, I'll start on Rogue right after that!

Although, I'm not even going to start on how difficult it will be to print off the Rogue pattern, since it's on my old computer, that's currently in a closet, buried under boxes and boxes...

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