Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Yay! I've finally finished the socks for my sister! Yay! Here are her feet, trying them on. It didn't really take me too much time to knit them (probably no more than 2 weeks worth of knitting) but it seemed so much longer. Mostly because I stopped in the middle to work on another project. That made the total elapsed time for these socks into over 2 months. Luckily, her feet haven't grown too much to fit.

I 've learned a very important knitting lesson: When you're making up your own pattern, WRITE IT DOWN. Otherwise, it's difficult to make another one to match. It had been so long since I finished the first sock that I didn't remember exactly how to shape the toes, or how long to make them...In the picture, the socks look very similar, but trust me, I can tell the difference. (O'course, I'm not going to tell you what I did wrong. I'll just let you tell me they're perfect ;) ) Both socks fit, however, and sister is happy with them, so I just let it be. Enough is Enough! now, on to those FairIsle gloves...

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