Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sock Update

I knit thru the president's state of the union speech. I can't believe I did that. How much of a knitting geek am I?

It was the straight part of the sock foot, so the knitting didn't take all of my attention. I did pay enough attention to the speech to know that I don't think President Bush's ideas for insurance reform will be very effective. His tax deductions will only benefit those who make enough money to be taxed, and who earn enough to be able to buy their own insurance. It won't do jack for the people who really need help with medical costs, people whose income is below poverty level. They don't make enough per year to have taxes as large as the deductions. I should know, I had an income at that level for my college years.

I could also make comments about the President's fuel remarks. What's up with reducing dependency on fuel, and on the other hand, doubling the national reserve? Or, what was with introducing people at the end? It sounded like "Look at these cool people! It's all due to me America has such great people!"

I'm being cynical. I admit it. I've always said that I'm a conservative for all the wrong reasons. Because logic dictates that for the desired goals, the conservative side has the most likelihood of succeeding. (I know you could argue differently, but that's what I think.) Tonight, the president irritated the heck out of me, because he was being so d****d illogical. O'course, politicians and commentary in general have been irritating me lately. They all sound even more cynical that I do. "The world's going to hell, but there's nothing we can do about it." Pbthththt!

Back to the socks. I turned the heel last night on the sock. I love this pattern, it's a basic toe down sock, that let's me do some color work and pattern variations if I want to. Even turning the heel is fairly easy to do. On this pair, I have stripes in the middle of the foot, that increases in width, until at the toes it's the opposite color of the top of the sock. My sister asked for toe socks. These aren't. I didn't feel up to the challenge of measuring each toe and calculating how many stitches I needed...what can I say, it was a brain-being-stupid night. However, I am making them like the Japanese socks. Habotai? no, no, It's "tabi". I think that's it. So, the big toe is seperate from the rest of the foot. Sister thinks they look cool so far, and that's what counts.

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