Monday, March 24, 2008

Baby stuff

I keep an eye on a couple of the Ravelry groups on breastfeeding, LLL Knitters and Crocheters and Breastfeeding Knitters. A couple of posts have been talking about baby-wearing, and it reminded me that I had a homemade baby sling hiding in my closet. I had used it with Little J, but hadn't got it out yet for the little girl. So today, while the little ones were getting a nap (thank goodness!) I put the sling back together. has good instructions for baby wearing, and, SlingRings has the rings to make your own baby sling.

Yes, mostly i've been having baby things lately. I haven't had a lot of knitting, I've been dealing with family life. I _am_ slowly knitting more on the pomatomous socks. On the second sock, I'm currently working on the heel flap. Yay! Halfway done!

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