Wednesday, March 05, 2008

No baby, but the knitting advances

Still no new baby. Le sigh. Big J keeps telling me that she needs to start being born, b'cause he dosen't want to go into work...hey, I have my own reasons for wanting labor to start. For just a few, to stop having to wake up to pee three times a night, the feeling of little feet being pressed against my spine and the concurrent pressing OUT of her little back against my belly, and just, simply, I'm tired of being round.

The knitting progress is on the Pomatomous socks. I've finished up the
first sock. I feel so proud of myself! It looks stunning on a real human foot. Almost stunning enough that I want to keep them for myself. I also cast on for the second sock. The ribbing, and about half of the first chart repeat is finished.

Did I say that I had a friend visit on Monday? My friend Fleur, from Wisconsin, stopped by for a quick visit. She was on her way from Tennessee, where she had been visiting, and where she wants to move to. She had a job interview there, and I hope it goes well. I haven't heard back from her about that job. Anyway, even more important, she brought along a baby blanket and hat she had made. She crochets, and this is a lovely crocheted blanket, very fuzzy. I had told her "not pink", and well, baby yarn dosen't come in many colors, so the blanket is white with blue edging, and the hat is blue. Which is okay with me, but I forsee many many questions of "How old is your little boy?"

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Anonymous said...

No baby yet! Oh well. My SIL had hers yesterday so I was hoping you went too. 8)