Thursday, March 20, 2008

two very important things about babies

that I had totally forgotten about.

First, babies go through an amazing amount of diapers. Little G is using more than a dozen diapers a day. that's a lot of diaperness.

Second, a new baby requires a lot of time. Much, much, much. especially if you, like me, are constantly holding her. But even if not, feeding, changing diapers (see above) and entertaining her still require a large amount of time.

posting may be intermittent for a while. Besides Little G, who dosen't like me on the computer (i start to ignore her. Bad mommy.) Little J is being needy these days. poor child, his routines have all been changed.

Overall, we're doing well. Little G is growing, and I'm not getting enough sleep...pretty normal.

talk to you later :)