Thursday, March 06, 2008

Dr.'s guesstimate

At the Dr's appointment today, her guess was that the baby would come sometime this weekend. That would not be my favored time! It's supposed to be cold, and snow, and tomorrow there's a Winter Storm Watch. There's "a possibility of upto 6 inches of snow. Lovely! well, it would be very lovely, I would like to have a reasonable accumulation of snow ONCE this winter, except that the hospital is 30 minutes away. The receptionist at the Dr's asked if I knew anyone who lived closer to the hospital that I might be able to stay with, just in case...sorry, no, i really don't know anyone. I'm not going to even consider that this baby might be born in the car...

Let's see...i knitted in the waiting room. Not much progress. Between taking care of Little J, and simple tiredness from being pregnant, my knitting is going slowly.

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TopHat said...

Remember that it is just a guesstimate. Try not to think about it (I know that's hard because I spent all day yesterday imagining what labor would be like). Happy baby wishes to you!