Saturday, March 01, 2008

How does a Knitter Nest?

by being fixated with her stash. Yep. Yesterday, I organized alll the yarn i had downstairs. For no particular reason! I suppose, you could say that it's because i want to have all my projects in order for when the baby does get here, but really, it's like when I was pregnant with Jaiden and decided to clean out all the closets. No reason in particular.

It did serve a semi-practical purpose. I was able to remember where I had put the purple baby sweater and hat, and put them in the hospital bag. My hospital bag is half-full of books, there's 4 balls of cotton yarn, and then mostly babystuff. I think I'm probably forgetting something, but really, what else do i need? I am planning on taking my favorite pillow, but that won't fit in my bag. It's going to go in the car with me, probably clutched in my arms.

last night, I realized that I really shouldn't knit any further on the Pomatomous sock (no matter how much i like the pattern) until I measure the feet that it's going to be on. This wasn't an "Eureka!" moment - i had decided to try the sock on my own foot, and saw how close to the end I was getting. Oops!

But instead, I picked up the Jaker's sweater again (If I've mentioned it before as Piggly Winks', and you're getting confused, sorry! Lo siento!). I could be doing the front and back of the body, but instead I cast on for the other sleeve. I would like to have both of the sleeves finished, it's such a sense of accomplishment. Looking over my notes, I realized that I didn't have a very important piece of information wrote down: what size needles I was using! again, oops! so, I fixed that in my pattern notes, along with a few other details. Hopefully, I'll have it done soon enough that Little J can wear it a few times before summer, and then maybe I'll be able to submit the design someplaces for the fall. ooh, wouldn't that be cool, a design of my own actually published...

The plumbing is still being worked on today. the landlord decided to replace some of the sewage lines, and he assures me that what was there before would "turn your stomach". hah! he dosen't know that he's talking to a person with a biology degree. If they don't finish up soon ('soon' is within the realms of possibilities), me and the kidlets may be heading over to the library, just to use the toilets.

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