Friday, June 06, 2008

Sucessful expedition to Hoosier Hills Fiber Fest

Indeed, it was a successful adventure, full of interesting encounters and lovely treasure.

This post may be a bit fragmentary, as I'm typing it in the bedroom, while supervising the little boy who is supposed to be going to bed because he had a temper tantrum....deep breath...but I do have pictures! Not of the Fiber Fest, itself, sadly. (I really should have had a photo of Little J petting the little black lamb. So cute! Or Little G and the lady who kept running into us and loving on the little girl. (mental note to self: bloggers and shutterbugs keep their cameras with them at ALL TIMES)) but of the loot we brought home.

Little Sister went along, and was in charge of herding Little J, so, as a for her being so rewardhelpful, she was presented with a drop spindle of her own, and pretty fleece to practice with.The pretty wool, (blue and silver) she has to share (officially) but she's taking it to Kansas with her, so we'll see how much is left when she gets back home. The smaller drop spindle is mine. I want to try spinning some lace wt yarn, with the new little spindle.

I have some pretty roving and a silk hankie to spin. The roving has a lovely sheen - it's a merino/alpaca blend. I've 3 oz each of a brown and a grey. Wonderful! I think that this is what I want to make lace wt yarn out of. (I don't spin. I tried once last year. I have a niggling feeling that the universe is going to curse me for my hubris in boldly attempting lace wt, but I'm going to try anyway.) I'm thinking of lovely lace scarves...

I grabbed three skeins of handdyed yarn from the Creatively Dyed booth. Her name on ravelry is Creative, and the yarns were wonderful! All different colors, and different yarns...her daughter was with her today, too. Her daughter's birthday is tomorrow. Happy Birthday, Little D!

And, I haven't mentioned it yet, but I have one more item, non-wool/knitting related. I stopped at Clementine's Dry Good's booth (Cami is evil!) and the proprietress convinced me to buy a baby sewing pattern. It's such a cute little dress! I'll have to stop in to Clementine's soon to look for material for it.

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