Tuesday, June 24, 2008

when do we get a vacation?

Tomorrow! Wednesday we leave for Columbus, Ohio. We'll be attending at the Origins Gaming convention. (I would really have liked to be there for Stitches last weekend, but we couldn't manage two weekends in a row.) Big J is attempting to have us at three different gaming conventions this year - to make up for maybe not being at ANY next year (He's going to be away at classes, diffferent stuff) We'll be at InConJunction here in Indy next weekend, too.

I've got a list a mile long of things that still have to be done tonight, but, of course I'm planning to take knitting along. Remember the Big Grey Blob of doom? I'm going to dig that out of the closet to take along and finish (I'm trying to finish my UFOs :) ) I've a shawl planned to work on, and socks to do too.

(The Jaker sweater is almost done! The neck ribbing is halfway done, and then I need to sew in the sleeves. Yay!)

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