Sunday, November 09, 2008

45 days until Christmas

I've been working on Clapotis (when I'm not sick) and the yarn is gorgeous, but it's a pain to work with! It splits, it has little threads that try to come off, and when Little G grabs a handful off my ball of yarn, it tangles dreadfully. I spent half an hour, detangling the half-a-dozen strands that had wound themselves around my _circular_needle_cord_! Actually, clapotis may go back in the bag for a bit to become traveling knitting.

Tonight, I'm going to put in my knitpicks order for my remaining projects.

Let's see, what else should I tell y'all...if you're not into kids, skip this part. Little J is doing better at using the potty! He is now willing to use his potty chair by himself! This is very helpful, especially when he needs to pee, and I have to change Little G's poopy diaper...He's very responsible about it, emptying his potty in the toilet each time, and wiping out the potty. Now, if he would just use the potty to poop in, that would be perfect.

Little G is growing by leaps and bounds. She's at the stage that my uncles would have called "couch cruiser". (They had a whole list of cute names, that they made up when they were in college (i think) and I was really small. I don't remember them all...carpet crawler, rugrat, curtain climber, couch cruiser (lots of them seemed to start with 'c's. I wonder if they would remember the rest?) Anyway, Little G walks around the furniture, holding on, sometimes with only one hand. She likes feeding herself, which makes for fun and messy mealtimes. And it was so cute this evening, when she sat down and was looking "Pat the Bunny" for 15 minutes all by herself. And she didn't try to eat the book! :D

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