Monday, November 24, 2008

30 Days until Christmas (minus two weeks, and a few days)

How long does it take me to write a blog post? well, today is 25 days until Christmas, and I started on 30 days 'til...

I keep telling myself that I'll be able to finish my knitting projects in time for Christmas, but when I look at a calender I feel nervous and nervouser.

I knit a little on the voodoo last night (while Big J was driving us to Lion King!). Meant to take a picture of them, to show y'all the colors, but I woke up and it's all cloudy and raining. If the sun comes out in the next week, I'll snap a quick pic.

About the other projects...clapotis probably has one more inch to it. That's going slow even considering that I don't have much time for knitting. However...I found my knitting needles! The number 10's that I need for the Big Grey Blob sweater, so I can start to work on that. This morning, me and the little kids all went into the craft room, and I took everything out of every yarn related container (mostly plastic bags. what can i say, my stash containers are waaayy cheap) until I found them! found them in the knitting bag that I had already looked thru, hiding in the knitpicks catalogs and sock books. Naughty needles! I need to finish off the blob, because there is no way it's coming to Thailand with us. It's too big, and too heavy. I would have to bring along a suitcase just for it, and with what airlines are charging these days, I don't think so.

It was a fun weekend, even though I wasn't knitting ;). On Saturday, we did some shopping, and went into downtown Indy to Mass Ave Toys. That place is fantastic! They are the only store with this toy *** in the area. It's going to be Little J's Christmas present; sshh, don't tell!

Sunday we all went to church, and in the evening, we went to see The Lion King. After a farce of directions, and missing out on supper at _anyplace_, we were all enthralled. Even my darling husband, who complained about the "Can you feel the love tonight" scene,(geez, you would think he had never watched the cartoon) really liked it overall. I loved it! And Little Sister thinks that she will get extra credit in Band for going to see it.

Okay, I've mostly finished the post. The lastest update on our vacation plans is, we aren't sure if we will be flying to Thailand. With the protests at the Bangkok airport, the airlines aren't flying into EITHER Bangkok airport. We weren't supposed to arrive until the 5th, so, we'll see how that goes.

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