Thursday, February 28, 2008

Knintting goodies

Big J and i dropped in at WalMart after my doctor's appointment today, and, well, i didn't mean to get anything that wasn't on my list (Big J might have had a different idea. that would explain all the dog treats and frozen food that wound up int the cart) but I wandered, slowly, by the yarn isle, and found this!

Peaches & Creme dishcloth cotton. In pretty colors :) It will become baby bibs. Cynthia from my knitting night had made some up from the Mason-Dixon pattern, and they were really cute.

And these are the other knitting goodies I have. They're mounted rubber stamps...Baaa! I saw some of the stamps in the PatternWorks catalog, but, I found that they are originally from Kaspareks online.

Kaspareks has a lot of other kewl stamps, but, I got these two as being of the most utility...and i couldn't justify spending lots and lots on rubber stamps. ::shrug:: This was a little pick-me-up present in the midst of plumbing drama. To get more, maybe I'll wait until my birthday. Or, hmm, maybe an unbirthday present...

oh, regarding the plumbing...the original issue is fixed. Yay! Toilets work again, which is a very very good thing. However, i swear, we've been cursed by the plumbing gods. Last night, we found that the water shut-off by the upstairs toilet was leaking when it was open. Because the downstairs closet had it's ceiling dripping! Lovely! so, we're not using that toilet right now...oh well. This may be something i can fix, or, maybe it's not that serious...

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Rebecca said...

Wow. Those plumbing gremlins are really killing ya.

Hang in there. Soon, you'll, um, be in a nice, calm hospital?

Oh, yeah.

Well, good luck. You are thought of!