Sunday, January 13, 2008

Do we really need sweaters?

I need to have my head examined. Why in the world did I decide to knit two sweaters at the same time? Irregardless of the size of the sweater, or what weight of yarn I'm using, it's taking me waaay too long. I have no instant gratification projects. well, at least I resisted casting on for another project. Let's see if I can resist until I have one of my other projects done.

The Grey Bulky sweater has all of the contrast on the hem finished. I haven't worked on it for a couple of days. I'm onto straight stockinette stitch, boooring! Although, I've started keeping track of how many rows I've done at a sitting by using binary on the first stitches of the row. The idea is from one of Elizabeth Zimmerman's books, but she used one stitch twisted for each row she had did, instead of using twisted stitches to represent binary code. It's not hard, and it gives my brain something interesting to think about while my fingers are brainlessly knitting away.

Little J's sweater is cast on, I've got the ribbing on the hem done, and I've started in the pattern. So far it's working out pretty nicely. I was getting a bit depressed about how slowly it was going, when Little Sister pointed out that it was a good percentage of the sweater done, because it dosen't have to be vvery tall. The little guy isn't very tall himself!

Anyway, what have I learned? Sweaters can be bought cheaper at the store. And if I can't resist designing my own, I need to do only ONE at one time.

p.s. I stopped in at Mass Ave on Saturday for the Ravelry meetup. I had the whole family with me, so, if you were there around 2:30, I was the pregnant woman walking around, and the small boy in an orange coat belonged to me. I didn't talk to anyone, but i drooled over the yarn. I hope Susan did a reasonable amount of sales - it looked like a lot of people were working on current projects, instead of shopping for new ones.

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