Friday, December 07, 2007

I love my husband!

Big J is spoiling me terribly. Here's pics:

The first picture, with Little J "helping", is the flowers that Big J had delivered yesterday, for our anniversary. Very pretty yellow daisies and yellow/reddish roses, with a charm that says "Live, Love, Laugh". And if you were here I'd let you smell them, they smell so nice!

The second photo, with the teddy bear, is the flowers that came to the door today! My goodness! They're little blue snapdragon-ish flowers, absolutely darling. These are for my birthday :)

Isn't Big J nice?

And did I tell you, I already have my Christmas present? We picked up what I wanted early, so that I could use it. It's a set of Calphalon (spelling?) cookware. Is soo nice! Practical, and it makes me very happy.

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