Friday, December 28, 2007

"There's no place like home..."

It was a very nice holiday, but it's so good to be back home. Home with the husband, children, and pets. that I think about it, we've a pretty full house.

Before we left, on Sunday morning, we opened up our Christmas presents here. I had all my Christmas presents early (1,2), but everybody else had stuff. The two kidlets had their stockings full, then Little Sister had a toy that she's wanted for a while, and Little J had some new toys too. Big J's presents were the Halo Orange Box computer game, and a car adapter for his mp3 player. .hehee...he was absolutely tortured that he didn't have time to install and play the game before we left for Kansas.

Kansas was good. It had snowed on Saturday, but we missed the worst of it by flying in to Kansas City on Sunday. (the plane was late, and i got us lost driving to Wichita, but, we got to our hotel safely, so it's all good, right?) Kansas road crews (and most businesses, not including the hotel we stayed at...) know how to scrape the snow and liberally salt the roads.

Let's see...Monday, we sorta hung out, picked up some last minute presents, relaxed. Tuesday was Christmas at my Uncle's and his wife's. Everybody was there: My aunt R and her husband, my uncle T, my dad, Other Sister, and Other Sister's friend. Trust me, when you add in me, Big J, Little J, Little Sister, and two toy poodle dogs, it was busy, busy, busy. Aunt D cooked all of dinner, and it was wonderful! my fav is the German sausages, and the mashed potatoes, and the chicken...

Have I mentioned that the adults had picked names for presents? (darn it, we forgot to do that for next year.) well, that didn't count for the kids (which was only Little J and Little Sister) so they got beacoup presents. Little Sister got a lot of gift cards, but Little J has toys that beep, make farm animal sounds, and, a horse big enough for him to ride on. Really! He wasn't too interested in it at the time, but he was suffering from toy overload at the time. That furry horsy is getting mailed to Indiana. It would have been difficult to take it home on the airplane with us...use your imagination ;)

I'll add pictures tomorrow. Cheerio!

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