Saturday, December 01, 2007

Not a good day

And I know, it's all in my head. I had a plan of things that I wanted to do:

  • Drop off items at Goodwill
  • Library
  • Put up Christmas Lights
  • naptime
  • grocery shopping

It wasn't a very long list, but, I thought it would be nice to get some of it done. I knew hubby was planning on staying at home and waiting for his new computer, (Alienware. Nice 'puters, lousy customer service these days.) and I was okay with going out and about with just myself and the kiddos.

I should have mentioned all this to Big J ahead of time.

Big J and I woke up early, and spent some time snuggling while the Little J watched cartoons in the living room. Somehow, by the time I had a shower and was dressed, it was almost noon, and I thought, "Okay, there will be plenty of time after lunch to do my errands." Suuure. Big J wanted to use his grill one more time before winter, but...the charcoal wouldn't light. Maybe it was the 40 degree temperature, who knows. So, hubby dearest cooked the dead cow indoors. (Big J always forgets that when I met him, I was semi-vegetarian. Only chicken or fish, not cow or pork. Okay, so I like red meat when I'm getting sick, but normally, it's not particularly appealing. But Big J thinks I should like it! ewww...) By the time it was cooked and eaten, it was almost 2:00.

I was cleaning up after lunch, and I was thinking if I could get anything done, or if I could leave the kiddos with Big J while I went to run errands, when I suddenly see him ransacking boxes. (Yes, we still have unpacked boxes from when we moved. Yes, we have too much junk. However, I did empty out three boxes today by repacking the ones Big J emptyed out) Big J decided to reformat his laptop, and half-way thru, realized that he didn't have the product key for his Windows installation disk. Ooops. I don't think we ever had the product key for that sucker, but he is sure that it's somewhere...anyway, at that point, i didn't think it would be a good thing to stress him with the little one at the same time. Then, Big J tried to put in the Windows installation discs that we DO have product codes for - I think he fatally confused the computer.

Then it was 5, and time to start supper, and now...I think I'll go to bed.

We'll take the laptop to BestBuy. Hopefully they can straighten it out.

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