Saturday, December 15, 2007

Switching projects

I've picked up Clessidra again. I have really really wanted to work on them some more lately, and I've convinced myself that I should. Part of it is that the bulky gauge sweater is really boring. So far, it's been endless (okay, so it only seems endless) stockinette, round and around. And, i haven't been particularly happy with Little Sister lately. The other part, is that I'm tired of Christmas, and I want to work on something not designated for Christmas. Yesterday, it was time to start the sleeves on the sweater, and I just couldn't get the number of stitches needed to fit on the circular needle. They wouldn't fit, no matter what. I had a brief moment of total despair, sitting motionless, but it's okay, I snapped out of it. Unfortunately, I won't be able to do those sleeves until I get dpns. Anybody have size 10 dpns? But, today, when I wanted to knit, I dug into my knitting bag to find my Clessidra stocking. Yay! I've did a little more than two repeats of the main cable pattern today, which really feels like I've accomplished something.

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