Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holiday plans

Once again this year, we traveling for the holidays. This time, we're flying back to Kansas for Christmas. The little boy is interested in being on an airplane again (I think. It's a little understated) but I am just glad that this time we only have one 1-hr flight. We'll be flying out of Indianapolis and going to the Kansas City International airport. Oh, and did I mention that we're leaving tomorrow? I'm not packed yet! Normally, i'm all packed by the day before, with a detailed list of everything that is left to do. Today...well, i'm tired out. Part of it was I did shopping with Little J in tow on Thursday and Friday, and probably part is being seven months pregnant. It's not such a crisis that i'm freaking out, not really, because we're not leaving until the afternoon. And we went to Mass this evening, so I'll have all morning to pack.

Ah, but what do I pack? I have decided that I don't need nearly as much stuff to take along on the plane. I am taking my loverly little 'puter (I'm typing on it now, by the way) and I'm putting essential baby supplies in my carry on, but looking back at the last flight, where we had the baby bag, the laptop bag, the stroller, and a carseat, well, I'm trying to have the least amount of stuff that I'm personally carrying as possible. With that in mind, my knitting, and most of our snack foods, will be going into a checked bag. I never have time for knitting on the plane, when I'm busy entertaining Little J (and sometimes Big J, too.). I'll get it out for our 3 hr drive from K.C. to Wichita, though. Definitely!

I'm taking Clessidra along. :) If you read on Ravelry, i was thinking about frogging my stocking and starting over at a different gauge. However, after doing a swatch on #3 needles, and straining my brain over a pattern at that gauge, I decided that i really liked the Clessidra pattern the way it was working out. The pic (I have to figure out how to edit pics on this computer.maybe just load them to Flickr?) is how far I've gotten. I've did 5 sets of decreases, and am about to start the rapid decreases for the ankle shaping. (Is that what it's called?)

I'm also taking along my baby hat kit. That's a simple project, even with the colorwork. err...I'm also taking along a skein of Alpaca Sox yarn, and a's a possible Christmas present. But, if the recipient is happy with the other present then I'll be able to keep the yarn all for myself! MuHuHahahaha! ::cough, cough:: sorry, mad scieentist got stuck in my throat.

Speaking of yarn (to imitate someone else's segues), Mass Ave Knit Shop is going to have an after Christmas yarn sale. All yarn at least 30% off, and some upto 50% off. Niiice. So, if you're in the area right after Christmas, it might behoove us, as knitters with stash habits to support, to drop in and, well, at least LOOK at the yarn languishing on the shelves. I'm going to :)

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