Wednesday, February 27, 2008

9mths pregnant, and no working toilet

I wanna go live at a hotel! (if i went to the hospital today, they'ld have toilets. And showers, yes?)

yes, the plumbing drama has been still ongoing. I enlisted the landlord's help in dealing with the Drain company...he thinks I'm a helpless female, but, as much as don't appreciate that, I don't have enough energy to deal with it all myself.

They are talking about running a camera thru the pipes...and talking of cameras (and to stop talking about plumbing), here's a picture of my Pomatomous socks (I've realized i don't know how to spell that...). I'm still working on the first sock, and it's going well...

Pomatomus progress

Pomatous pattern

I do really like this color. It's not something I'd wear, but it's pretty, and calming to work with. Now that I'm on the foot, there's a bit of pooling. The pink is making a thin spiral stripe around it. i had to consciously relax my tension a tiny bit, because at first it was trying to keep all the pink in the exact same spot. I can live with the stripe, it's sort of cute.

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