Thursday, February 21, 2008

more plumbing excitement

Oh yes. We are still dealing with the plumbing. What Fun! pbththth!

The bathroom sink is fixed, thank goodness. The Landlord's brother did come over, and fixed it in about 30 minutes. I really don't think it was b'cause he was lazy, I don't think either the landlord or his brother know how to be lazy. And, honestly, if he was ill i'd rather he stayed far far away. :) keep those germs at a safe distance, right-o?

The, that's a different matter. At first, yes, it seemed that the plumbing was draining properly. The toilet would flush, a very important thing. However, after the little boy's bath last night, guess what? The tub didn't want to drain again! And even worse, there was water over the floor near the toilet. (No, i hadn't been flushing the toilet out of curiosity. I may have more curiosity than a cat, but I do have a little bit of sense about waterworks.) It was warm water, so, it must have came from the bath water...great...we didn't use the toilet until the water started draining again, b'cause I didn't want soiled water mixing with the water already on the floor. Le sigh. And it was only after I discovered the bath tub fiasco that dear hubby let me know that the tub hadn't been draining too well after his showers. again, le sigh.

I called the Drain service again this morning. i couldn't have them send any one out this afternoon, b'cause I had a doctor's appointment. So, they're supposed to send out a "supervisor" tomorrow morning. I don't know what difference a supervisor can make, but, I am thiiiis close to calling the Better Business Bureau. Oh, not to mention, who knows if they will actually be able to make it here tomorrow, considering the weather is supposed to have icy conditions overnight... (let's hope school isn't cancelled tomorrow. please, please, please God!)

Remind me not to tempt the universe. It's got a nasty sense of humor.

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