Friday, February 22, 2008

See Big J? I DO bake!

I told Big J last night not to worry about the rapidly browning bananas on the counter - I was going to make banana bread with them today. His reply (and yes, it's an ongoing joke) "I've heard that before!"

Well, here is proof! Proof, I say!

Little J helped me with the mixing. He likes dumping in the ingredients, and I try to involve him with cooking when I can. Also, this morning, it was have him help, or have him keep eating the raisins (he dumped out) off the fuzzy floor that needs vacuumed.

I used this recipe from King Arthur Flour. The only change was to use White whole wheat flour, instead of the 100% organic whole wheat. I really like their flour, and they've got a lot ....

whoops! I had forgotten to set the timer on the oven! that's done now :)

anyway, King Arthur Flour's website has a section devoted to recipes. I look there first when I need to make something, because they taste good, and they work, unlike some other ones you can find on the internet.

And the finished product!

On the plumbing front, it looks like it's fixed. This time, when a guy came out from the drain service, he did a lot more work, and tested it thoroughly before he left. We didn't get charged for the service either (We shouldn't have been, I was prepared to argue about it.) I haven't been brave enough to run a bathtub full of water and test it yet. Big J says that he'll run a shower for me tonight, to see if it works, isn't that nice of him? hehe.

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