Wednesday, February 13, 2008

FO: Purple Baby Hat

say Cheese!

Isn't he cute? Little J is happy to be a model, and he's getting really good at saying "Cheese!" (he has a completely different sound he uses when he wants to eat cheese, but this is very definitely the word cheese) The hat is way to small for him, I wasn't trying for the hebrew-ish beanie look.

It's the Berocco Ultra Alpaca yarn again, what I had left over from the purple baby sweater. I cast on 72 stitches (2 extra stitches for selvedges because I did the bottom section on straight needles) on #5 needles, worked 5 ridges of garter stitch, then did the gull lace pattern in the light purple until I ran out of yarn. I's about 3" worth? Then I switched back to dark purple, joined the stitches into a circle on dpns, and quickly decreased. I seamed up the lace section, and voila! it's done.

What I should do, is work on Little J's sweater some more. I haven't...I don't feel like working in worsted weight right now. So, I started the pomatomus sock from Knitty. It's working out very nice! and i understand the pattern, so I don't have look at the charts every row. The Alpaca Sox yarn in the Easter colors is looking lovely in this sock pattern. It's nicely mixed, no pooling...i'm very happy with it. This sock is probably going to the Little Sister for Easter.

Speaking of sisters, my other sister is going to come visit! She's going to be here in March (hopefully, it's after the baby is born ;) ) so she can see the kidlets, be here for the baptism...and if she's really nice, maybe I'll knit her a pair of socks, too.

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