Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The week's been a blur

Well, what have I been doing? I haven't been on the computer since Monday, since I was either busy, or way too tired. Monday was knitting at Panera's, and I know I did something else, but i can't remember what it was now (pregnant women have lousy memories. Everyone knows that!). Noraleen showed us all her work on the Secret of the Stole II project, and it's lovely! And educational! we learned about KnitPicks harmony needles, and putting lifelines in the lace. My personal eureka moment was when Noraleen said that she puts them into rows that are straight purl. of course! That would make it alot easier to pick up the stitches again later. A few of us were sitting there, still knitting and chatting, after Panera's was officially closed. I'd like to say, the Panera's staff at the Southport and Hwy 65 are very nice to us knitters. Always helpful, and they've never made us feel guilty for keeping them there after closing hours (Nice, since I can make myself feel guilty without any outside help...).

Tuesday was almost as busy. Little Sister and I had dentist appointments in the morning. Neither of us had any cavities (yay!), I had been expecting something to have to be fixed, as we hadn't been to the dentist in a year (or maybe closer to two...) what with us moving, and me procrastinating. The staff at the dentist's office was quite kind, too. Even when Little J got bored watching them clean my teeth and was running in circles thru the office, me chasing him with the bib around my neck...the receptionist volunteered to keep an eye on him while he played with the toys in the waiting area. Thank you so much! And, my dental hygenist had to take a short break while the FedEx guy came with the pictures of the little girl she's going to be adopting from China. That was pretty cool. The little girl looks adorable! a perfect chubby little angel.
Little Sister was dropped off at school, perfect timing for her to take her math test, and Little J and I went home for lunch. After lunch, we ran errands to the city building and to the vet's, then it was home again for naptime. And at that point, Little J needed it. He broke down into tears when we had to leave the cats at the veterinarian's office. Poor baby :(

And today? Doctor's appointment today. Big J had to work, so I dropped Little J off at the babysitter's, and drove myself to the doctor's. I don't mind the driving, but it does mean that I can't knit on the way. Everything's still good with the new baby! :) when I got back to pick up the boy, we ran into a snag, though. He didn't want to come home. He wanted to stay, where there were TV's in the bedroom and cupcakes for snacks, and other little kids to play with. (darn it, I still haven't asked her what her other kids are named...) Part of it was that he needed a nap, but he was crying like his little heart was breaking...Y'know, writing this all out, it sounds like Little J has had a really rough week. I don't think he has, he's just been doing so many things that he's been overwhelmed. I've been feeling a bit that way too.

Knitting is going along. Both sleeves are done on the February baby sweater, yipee skippee! and i've been working on the body. The body isn't going as fast as the sleeves did, but I think I've got a good chance of finishing it by sunday. Great! (I'm feeling vaguely superstitous that if I finish it, the baby will decide to be born...i hope not...) if I finish up the baby sweater, I'll be able to work on Little J's sweater some this month, too. I'd like to finish it so that he can wear it before summer. Oh yes, and I _finally_ finished winding the new alpaca sox yarn into a ball, so maybe I'll cast on for potamous socks with that yarn. maybe. it could happen...

update: and we had church this evening after supper. I am so wiped out. Happy Ash Wednesday!

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