Friday, April 20, 2007

knitting (and lack thereof)

I know, I know, I haven't posted much about my knitting lately. Mostly, that's because I haven't had much to say. I finished up on Vestee, and Rogue is mostly done. (All that's left is putting on the zipper, and with it being warm lately, I'm in a serious mood to procrastinate.) I have projects planned (Sahara sweater, H.S.S. socks) but I'm not in a mood to start them, either. So, I'm working on my current mindless knitting sock. It's a pattern from "Knitting for the Road" by Nancy Bush. I'm doing it in a duet yarn that I got from ASwellYarn shop, but, I lost the little ball of contrasting yarn, so, it's all variegated.

Enough typing already, I can hear you saying ;) It's enough for me too. I've got an excess of little girls in the house tonight, and the cheerful schreechings are giving me a migraine. And that's not including Little J, who has his own vocal piercings... Luckily, the little girls are going up to bed now. Thank Goodness!

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Tammi said...

That's too bad you give up on the blog because of the color of it's text, there are some good ones out there to read that you miss out on if you have to limit the ones you read because of their color, but I do know what you mean, some times I can't see the words because the text contrast and back ground colors are too similar, I just click the mouse and let it highlight, works beautifully for me, maybe you could give it a try too and get to enjoy the witty writters who use such odd colors!