Saturday, April 28, 2007

Potty Training Difficulties

Little J had been doing really well at using his potty chair. I know, this all isn't very interesting unless you're a parent, but, I was gushing about it too his he was actually sitting on his potty, and he was trying to pee, so he obviously knew how to use the muscles he needed...Well, I seemed to have spoken too soon. Since then, he has started resisting sitting on the potty chair. Vehemenently. He dosen't want to sit on it when he wakes up, he dosen't want to sit on it after naps (and he definitely has to go after a 3 hr nap with a dry diaper) and he dosen't want to sit on it before bed.

There hasn't been any traumatic incidents to cause him to dislike his potty. I think this is more of a control issue. My son is, in the minds of his fond parents, very intelligent, and he wants to have his own way...which often means that he wants to do something, anything, besides sit on the potty. As long as it's not what his mommy wants him to do, of course.

Little J has been so resistant, that I've started praising him again whenever he sits on the potty chair. Even if it's the two short seconds he touches his butt to the potty chair before he gets up to streak through the kitchen. And extra praise and huggles when he actually uses it. But, it's slow. He dosen't want to sit on the potty chair, and I'm not sure what to do now. Do I just keep trying? Or should I let it wait for a couple weeks?


Jenn said...

We used the reward system with Hayden. When he peed (we used the little potty for about a week, then used the big one) he got one M&M and when he pooped he got a Hot Wheel (best 99 cents I spent). After a week or so we started backing off the rewards (not everytime) until we didn't need them anymore. Hayden was around 2 1/2, so he was older than Little J, but after the 1st 3 days he had very few accidents and has been in unders ever since (he's 4 now.) Is there something he really likes? A book or toy, that he would sit on the potty to read or play with sometimes? I think just leaving it, but ignoring the chair might work. What about one of the seats that fit on the big potty? Maybe he wants to go like daddy? (Big factor for Hayden.) I don't know if any of this helps, but it will happen when he's ready!

Marigold said...

Thanks Jenn. He does like hotwheels, so, I may have to get some and stock up. We'll see! Maybe he does need to wait a couple weeks, or a couple months. ::shrug:: you're right, it will happen when he's ready.

Gryffinitter said...

My son is around 2 and we have not tried yet, but he adores little cars and I will stock up and be prepared!