Sunday, April 29, 2007

As promised, my current Knitting WorksInProgress***

These first two pictures are of my Hogwart Sock Swap sock. I can't tell you who it's for, and I'm not going to tell you the pattern either, but, it started out with three balls of lovely Koigu KPM. I've since decided not to use the white, and simply use the blue and grey for the Ravensclaw socks. It's a very wavy pattern, which I hope you can see in the second picture, and it makes scalloped stripes around the sock. It's also going pretty slowly :( This seems like such infinitely small yarn (even though I used smaller on my fingerless FairIsle gloves) and the pattern requires concentration.

The second set of pictures, below, are my current mindless knitting sock. The sock I take in the car with me, the sock I put in my purse, even, the sock that I knit on when I'm standing in line.

It's a ribbed pattern, with a small braided cable in the wider part of the rib. I like it, and it dosen't demand too much of my brain.

Like I said earlier (I think) this yarn is the varigated portion of a Duets set from A Swell Yarn Shop. It's the Chocolate Fantasy colorway, which I thought was yummy. I know it's a lot of pink, and I do remember how often I've made comments against the overuse of that color, but, but, it looked so good! And yarn dosen't have any calories, right?

Future plans include knitting up the Sahara sweater (I haven't swatched for that yet) and I'm considering ordering yarn from for another Shapely Tank from White Lies Designs and for some Little Turtle Knits diaper covers for Little J. I've got projects running around in my head, and I'm not sure what to do next. But, I'm going to blog about it! As soon as I get something done :)

***To quote from the Yarn Harlot: This is not a complete list. I shall never admit publicly to the full, complete and real list and any references to an project that is on the needles that I am ignoring or have abandoned will be ignored, even if you have photographic proof...even if I provided you with that proof myself through the miracle of blogging.

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