Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Toddlers and shiny pointy things

Little J is definitely my child. Oh yes. He has this fascination for shiny objects, and if they're pointy, even better. He absolutely adores my metal dpns, and wants to grab them, and wave them around (and would run with the pointy objects, if I let him) at every opportunity.

He took all of the dpns out of my sock! all four of them. I had just turned the heel! The pain! The tears! but no cursing! not in front of the baby, at least.

I've picked up all the stitches. Hopefully, I just lost one row. Now, I need to check all of those itsy bitsy stitches, and make sure they're turned on the needles the right way (stitch mount). Sigh. and it was going so well.

I love you little J. Even more than I love my knitting.

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