Thursday, November 29, 2007

I found a new swap!

I've been looking for a new swap to participate in, and I've found one! It was on the ClicketyClack blog. It's a Hot Chocolate/yarn swap, which sounds really good with all this cold wet weather. Sign-ups run from Dec 16-31, or until they get 100 players. Nifty! And, the packages are supposed to go out the end of January, which is perfect timing, about a month before the new baby is expected.

Also, the swap is having a contest, now, before the sign ups start. So, if you want to enter the contest, head over to the swap, and let them know that I sent you :)


Nan said...

I am not taking the time to read your most current post right now, I promise I will come back and do so soon, but I wanted to take this opportunity to ask you if you would be interested in coming over to my blog and vote on the contest entries I have posted. I would like to see if I can get unbiased opinions in the voting process by asking people who didn't enter to come and vote, and am asking bloggers I read to visit me over the weekend to help with this. Thanks!!

Marigold said...

Hey Nan, thanks for reading the blog! I had seen the contest earlier, and sure, I'd be happy to vote on that for you.