Wednesday, February 21, 2007

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Jenn said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm very pro BF, like you. (I've thought about LLL, but at this point, just don't have the time!) Lainey, the 10 mo does eat plenty on her own in addition to homade babyfood. I just know that if I took her with me to Stitches I wouldn't get to really "see" things (just getting ready to walk, into everything...) otherwise I would LOVE to take her. Hayden, my son, was 3 yo before I spent the night away. Sometimes I just feel "mama'd" out. They don't want anyone but me to do for them (which I love about 99% of the time!)

Thanks for the thoughts on the cup as well. Our problem isn't getting it to her mouth or drinking... she tends to just take it in, hold it for a minute and then let it all dribble back out. I know she'll get there, but my breasts and I would love to leave the house for the afternoon and not worry. I've got a great pump and used it (before I was a SAHM) until he was 7 mo (when he self weaned from the bottle, but didn't take a cup until 10 mo). From then on he breastfed until 14 mo. I'd love to go longer with Lainey. I just need a little break now and then.

I enjoyed your blog!