Monday, February 26, 2007

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Vogue Knitting Shawls on the go!
Cables Untangled by Melissa Leapman

The book on shawls wasn't very interesting to me. There were a few patterns I liked, for example the Diagonal Drop-Stitch Shawl by Margery Winter, but most of the designs are very chic and modern. I tend towards more traditional, so, it's not for me.

Melissa Leapman's book is really two books together. First, there are her patterns (the cover says "More than 20"; there are 21 patterns) and then there is a cable stitch pattern dictionary she put together. One thing that this book made me realize was that there are different sets of symbols used for charting cables. I like the ones used in the book, they are fairly self-evident. I enjoyed the home-decor patterns(except for the sampler blanket. How in heck would you ever get it done??). They are an interesting use of cables outside of the traditional clothing. I also liked most of the women's clothing. I don't like the photography in this book, however. It's very professional, but there's too many shots of people who are missing their head or upper body. The pictures in the front part of the book are all glossy, but the pictures in the stitch dictionary were all matt. What is going on here? Was the publishers trying to save money? (Also note: A poncho with large cables is going to make anyone look fat.)

have i really not read anything else?? This feels so wrong...I had borrowed a book from the library, but I decided not to read it. It's very dark, I don't empathize at all with the anti-hero, and the few pages I skimmed were depressing me. "Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever" I think I've read it before, but it was decades ago.

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