Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Book List Update

I have finished over the last week or so:

Sorcery and Cececilia by Patricia Wrede and Carolina Stevemer
The Enchanted Chocolate Pot by the same authors
Flag in Exile by David Weber
Tramp for the Lord by Corrie Ten Boom (It got wet during Little J's bath. Oops!)
Natural Family Planning by ????
Ashes of Honor by David Weber (finished today)

I am running out of reading material. This is serious, I may have withdrawal symptoms. Last night I was whining to Big J, "I need something to read!!!", and he, helpful husband that he is, offered up H.P. Lovecraft, military history, and his treasured D&D books. I refused then, but now I'm getting very close to the line where I will read anything, no matter what. Oh, the ignominy of addiction!

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Keppy said...

Marigold!! LOL I just realized something funny!!! We are basically neighbors hahaha. I live in Indy on the Southside... We have a knitting group that meets every other Monday in Southport, you should come!! Email me if you want fakeppy@comcast.net. (Too funny that we live so close to one another)