Monday, February 26, 2007

Little J's got a new trick

Hah! And is it ever a doozy. He's figured out how to climb over the baby gates!

He really really wanted to go upstairs, because his Daddy and his Auntie were upstairs without him. But, there's a baby gate in the way. I heard frustrated screaming, and more screaming, then silence. I thought that he had found something else to do. But, the Big J yells down the stairs, "M, come see this!" The little stinker had gotten all the way up, and walked in grinning to see them.

We put him down at the bottom of the stairs again (to test it of course. Not because we wanted to see a baby climb over the gate, Nooo, of course not) and yup, he put his little toes in the plastic mesh and over he went.

Big J eventually solved it, by moving the gate up a step, so it's a bit too much work to climb over the top. But we will probably have to get a new gate. It's not so much the stairs (although they are dangerous enough for a little one) but that at the top, where there's a railing beside the stairwell, the rails are spaced so far apart that he could climb through and fall straight down to the bottom of the stairs. Ouch!

There's also all the other baby gates we're using in the house. In the bathroom (door had to stay open so the cats can get to their litterbox) and in the computer room to keep Little J away from wires...He hasn't tried to go over those yet, but it's just a matter of time...

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