Monday, February 26, 2007

Knitting on T.V.

Hey, I just saw a commercial about a knitter! Aleve showed a commercial on the weather channel. I'm not sure exactly what the woman was knitting, but she was definitely holding needles and yarn in her lap :) (just searched the web for it: she's making knitted slippers. Slippers. Not socks. Well, that's definitely a niche you don't see often.(and i even found a name. Debbie Bartelt))

that's funny, I just googled "knitting Aleve" and there are a ton of knitting blogs that mention Aleve. Wow. A lot of people seem to take Aleve for their arthritis. I've tried it, but Aleve dosen't do anything for me. Nada. I take it, I still hurt, and I can't take anything else for hours. Guess what, I don't use Aleve. go figure.


Journi said...

Have you tried Liquid Advil Tabs? I take it, alternating with other meds to help, but it really helps. Oh, and thank you for the comment - if I can help another procrastinator stop procrastinating, (Like I am doing now, LOL) I feel worth!

Marigold said...

Thanks! Ibuprofen usually helps, but I haven't tried the liquid tabs. :) procastinating? moi? noooo ;)