Monday, February 19, 2007

Martha-esque Craft Project

Do you watch Martha Stewart? I would have said "No, never" but last week I ran across it while flipping channels. I watched for 5 minutes while they were making ohhh-so-cute valentines treats, then shut it off.

But then later, someone on one of my email lists sent a link for the Martha website. One of the projects that day had been for felt TeaCup pincushions. The picture at left is an example. They were created by Betz White
(image copyright Betz White, I'm sure. Or Martha Stewart).

They are so very cute, and sound so easy to make, that I showed it to little sister and asked if she would want to help make some. She also thought they were acceptably cute, and agreed to my nefarious plans.

Today's the first day I've been able to go driving about (Big J's had my car for the last week, since his was shnowed inside the garage). Little Sister and I went to the second-hand store (Yay Goodwill!) and picked up wool sweaters to felt. I figure, if they won't felt, I can take them back to the store. Who wouldn't want a nice clean sweater? We also got yarn for the trim on the teacups, and a spool knitter to make the cord for the trim. (I was looking for an Embellish-Knit, but neither Hobby Lobby, Michael's or WalMart had it. Phoey) I refuse to do that much I-cord on my knitting needles. Luckily, Little Sister said that she would do it. Yay!

The next step is to see which of the sweaters will actually felt. I'm throwing them in the washer with a couple pairs of holey jeans (to provide more friction). After I figure out which ones we're using, I'll post pictures of them.

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