Saturday, May 05, 2007

For one moment, I thought I was covered in brownie batter...

oops, no, ignore that, it was just a stray fantasy ;)

Actually, I just removed from the oven a pan of brownies. (yummy yummy yummy) They've got burgundy chocolate chunks, and double-dutch dark chocolate, and lots of sugar, and eggs, and butter (oh yummy yummy) I had to wash out the bowl right away because I kept eating the left-over batter.

I made the recipe that was on the back of a King Arthur Flour bag, and I used up some of my chocolate supply from King Arthur. I love that company. I could spend a fortune on items out of their catalog. (yummy yummy yummy) But back to the brownies...I'm going to save myself from the brownies; I really don't intend to eat the whole 13x9 pan all by myself. They are for Little Sister's Sunday School class (that's what I keep telling myself yummy yummy) for their last class of the year party. The recipe said it made 2 dozen brownies, so I'll probably keep out 4 for myself (and Big J, if he deserves it ;) and then I'll send the rest with her. But I am sooo tempted to keep them all!

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Sharon said...

MMmmm Brownies.. They sound so yummy!

Thank you for the comment on my blog!! My Princess LOVES everything Mom makes her and everything crafty so you are so right. She will definitely be taking and showing it to everyone she knows.