Wednesday, May 09, 2007

yadayada POLITITCS yada yada

This may be one of the very few posts I will ever do in politics. Not because I think that politics is inappropriate for a blog that is supposed to be focused on knitting, but simply because I don't understand politics, the political process, or the United States political parties. (Big J has tried to explain, many times, but it just dosen't sink in)

HOWEVER, tonight dh was flipping past CNN on the boob tube, and he got caught by a "Breaking News Story". It was about some of the elected officials, of the President's party, who came to the President with their concerns about the war in Iraq. This was a "private" "top-secret" "confidential" yada yada yada meeting, but CNN seemed to have all the details.

It must have been a slow night for CNN. So, they came to voice their concerns to the Prez. Don't they get to do that occaisionally? And yes, everybody has concerns over Iraq, and concerns about how misleading the statements from the President about Iraq have been in the past. Why is it surprising that some of his political party also have these concerns? And, if this was so private, how in the wahoonie did CNN learn all these details about this interview?

I'm not motivated enough to find out the answers to these questions. I'll support the troops who are over there, I'll pray that the United States gets out of Iraq soon, and I'll leave politics to those who are interested in it. Oh, one other thing: I think I'll stop watching CNN.

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Rebecca said...

And, one pet peeve that is mine through my many years of observing events first hand and then seeing how the media reports those events is that they do so with their own biases and political statements they want to make instead of simply reporting unbiased and verifying their facts. So, I rarely trust anything they say. We live in a community with four military bases and have many military friends and hear things from their perspective and that perspective never gets voiced through the media.