Friday, May 18, 2007

Plans to visit Hoosier Hills Fiber Fest

I actually have not been to a yarn/fiber/knitting fest before. This was on my yahoo group for the local knitters, and, it's perfect timing. Right after I get back from taking Little Sister to St. Louis. And, it's just down the road, less than 30 miles away. Yay!

Their website is a bit confusing. There's a few interesting knitting classes (entrelac, anyone?) but I don't think I'm signing up for any of the clases. It's too hard to do it if I have to look after Little J at the same time. (imagine me going, "no no, don't pull out the nice lady's knitting needles!" over and over) I can't be sure of Big J being available either, Uncle Sam might call him unexpectedly.(only to go into work, the possibility of him being deployed is vanishingly small) So, I'm going to go, and look at all the goodies for sale.

Big J dosen't know that I'm mentally budgeting to get certain things there. (He's got a mental budget for GenCon, so why shouldn't I?) I really want to get a drop spindle. There's several spinning people (peoples? company?) on the vendor list. And, of course, I'd like to come back with some yarn...probably sock or lace yarn, because I don't have any projects in mind for anything else. Then, who knows? I'm sure there will be other pretties that will catch my eye.

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Saisquoi said...

Drop spindles are fun.

Lace yarn is fun.

Sock yarn is fun.

You'll have a great time at the fiber fest :)