Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Promised HSS Sock Pictures

And in all it's Ravenclaw glory, here it is!!

We have two pictures, of two different angles. Taking this picture would have been so much easier, I realized, as I twisted my head and my camera to get into the right relation to my foot, (sorta reminiscint of yoga, as practiced by B.S. Johnson*) if only my darling husband had been home to act as his adoring wife's photographer. Alas, he's hundreds of miles away, in sunny California.

That's okay, I'm happy here in Indiana. I've even cast on for the second sock. I'm going to have a matching pair (no Dobby socks this time) but, I am worrying if I will have enough of the dark blue yarn for this sock. hmm...I think I'm going to put the LYS number on my cell phone speed dial. That way, if I run out of yarn while I'm in St. Louis, I'll be able to call and ask them to hold a skein of the Koigu for me. I don't have time to go to Mass Ave Knit Shop before St. Louis (more on that tomorrow.) so, that's about the best I can do.

*B.S. Johnson, a character from Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels, who was an absolute genius, at getting things wrong. He made a pipe organ that causes earthquakes, an apartment building that Escher would be proud of, and a mail sorting machine that sorts mail that hasn't been written yet.


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Catherine said...

Is that Regia Silk for your Ravenclaw socks? I'm also using Regia Silk and could swear that they're the exact same colors. Isn't it lovely yarn? Great job on the socks! (Catherine in Hufflepuff)

KelInCal said...

Great sock! You have a lucky swap pal!