Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Unexpected Expenses

It happens to all of us. We plan for a special treat, we're sure we have enough in our bank accounts (or on our nifty magic plastic pieces (credit cards ;) ) and then something happens that requires a huge outlay of money, so that we can't afford the treat anymore. :( It's very, very sad.

I don't think I'll be putting in that yarn order. (I'll put it off for a couple of months) First, my husband decides that his car needs a checkup. It does, but the new symptoms he was telling me about may mean mega-bucks in repairs. (Big J dosen't do power tools, or autos, or mowing. I take care of that stuff. I enjoy doing it, and I've got lots more experience) In addition to the car repairs, the dog needs to go in for repairs, too. Gallant tends to have skin problems, and he just developed a small growth that needs to be surgically removed. ::sigh:: Did you know it costs more to have a big dog than a small one? It does, they require more medication, more food, and can have more health problems. In this case, the vet wants to combine the surgery with a dental cleaning (he's due for one) which means even more $$$. Hopefully, this is just another benign hypertrophic growth, and not a malignant cancer. Poor Gallant, he has such problems.

So, no yarn for me. Must finish current WIPs. (and then maybe we'll be able to indulge me in more yarn...)


Laura said...

Hi, I found you through hits on my blog. Turns out I am on your blog roll Thanks for that. I like your site a lot. When you stop by mine leave a comment. Sorry about the unexpected stuff. I hate that too!

Anonymous said...

money, money, money, everything costs money. You know, maybe if you have some yarn that you want to trade others may want to trade for something you want :)

I hope your doggy's growth is benign. Please keep us updated.

Keppy said...

Hey I hear you... Both of our cars are in the shop atm, and we were borrowing my parents car and guess what - it broke down too! So we are renting a car right now... We've had it a week - $$$$$$$. Its not fun.