Friday, May 25, 2007

Hogwarts Sock Swap: Show and Tell Friday

Go Hufflepuffs!

I'm a Hufflepuff, and if you can't tell, my secret pal is in Ravenclaw. I'm really enjoying this swap, and, I should tell you, if you found the Hogwarts Sock Swap at the last minute, and weren't able to sign up, and hate it to the bottom of your non-muggley soul, there will be a second round of Hogwarts Sock goodness coming up in July. Yay!

Yarn: Koigu KPM, in silver and dark blue semisolids.
Opinions?: This was the first time I worked with sock weight yarn, and I'm finding the Koigu interesting to work with. I really like the tight twist, and the slight variations that show up in the colors. I do not like that it tends to split, but that might be becuase of my needles. I'm using a set of Boye dpns, and I have three words for them: Variable Pointiness Sucks! I've got one needle that is obviously less pointy than the others, and it makes it really difficult to do the increases and decreases called for in this pattern. I don't know if I'll do this pattern again. It's very pretty, and it works well with the stripes, but, the increases and decreases make it go a bit slower than my normal knitting speed.


Laura said...

That is a very impressive sock the colors look fantastic. I am like you I have mixed feeling on Koiqu. First I love the colors and the intensity of them and the twist but other times I find it can almost be rough. But for these socks I think it was an awesome choice they really look great! It is almost like a chevron pattern right? That is slow going.

Laura said...

Ooh! those are coming out amazingly!
I LOVE the pattern! I've got it, but for the same reasons (all of the wacky increases and decreases) I've never tempted it.

Variable point? Never heard that one!

But I can't wait to see how they look as a pair!

Rebecca said...

Beautiful socks! Beautiful, I say, simply beautiful. You are doing a nice job on them.

5 House Points to HUFFLEPUFF!

Tanya said...

Really nice!!!I love the variation in the strips. Some Ravenclaw will LOVE those!

Go Puffs!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for dropping by my site! I love your socks- especially the chevron pattern. Well, and of course I like the colors, as I am a Ravenclaw :-)

Tikrun mami said...

Wonderful stripes! Pattern looks nice too :-)