Thursday, May 24, 2007

Today's events: Sewing, and Pants-on-Head

Awhile back (before Easter) I had said that I had picked out material, and I would tell you about it when I cut it out. Well, here it is!

Is this not gorgeous? Or at the very least, exuberantly cheerful? I love it! It's a rainbow-colored denim with batik flowers all over. I'm going to make a short sundress with a raised waist and pockets. It's something I can wear over jeans and a t-shirt. I'm not planning to be particularly elegant or fashionable (in this material?!?) but, I shall be comfortable.

Oh, the pants-on-head? That would be Little J. Here you go, not very good pics, but when I was trying to take a picture, he decided it would be more fun to get his nose up on mommy's camera, and ripped the pants off of his head. Le sigh. What's a photographer supposed to do? (i could duct tape them to his, bad mommy!)
Like I said, not good pictures. One he's looking away, and one is BLURRY!


Laura said...

Isn't it always the way? They do something SO hilarious, but you can't get a pic that's CLEAR!
But oh, so cute! Pants on head! Adorable!!

Laura (hogwarts sock swap!)

Tivona said...

Well written article.