Wednesday, October 24, 2007

baseless anxieties

For the last twothree days I've been frantically cleaning my house. What the FlyLady calls "crisis cleaning". I cleaned the areas my company would see, and shoved things into the other rooms. This morning, my "public" areas were clean, and I was exhausted by the time people started showing up for the meeting at my house. But, I was ready, I smiled, I welcomed them in, and was a gracious hostess. Yay! And I think everyone had a good time.

And then I had an "eureka" moment. Why had I been fixating on the cleaning and decluttering? Why was I thiiis close to having panic attacks over it? Everyone who was here, knows what it's like to have small kids and be pregnant. Nobody was going attack me for having dust on top of my TV. Nobody was going to run in terror because there was a stack of paper on the dining room table.

And, on the other side, I really like having my house this clean. It's nice to to have clutter on top of the entertainment center, it's nice knowing where all the bills are. It's very nice to have all the junk and clothes off the couch so that there is actually room to sit on it. Why haven't I did this before? (well, i have, just not all at the same time, and not recently.)

Did I mention that I had shoved things into the other rooms to hid them? Yes, I did. Next project, cleaning up alllllll the other rooms.


omly said...

One room at a time. Sometimes you just have to take it one room at a time.

With my partner out of town the house has been a lot more cluttered (not because he does a lot of cleaning, it just bothers him so I keep up with it more). Imagine my surprise that it is actually driving me crazy now!

Top Hat said...

You only need to clean what the company sees, anyway. You can leave the rest for when your nesting instincts kick in. :)