Monday, October 01, 2007

not fun Sticky Stuff

I went to stick wet sheets in the dryer, and what did I find? There's blue stuff streaked over the inside of my dryer! it's sorta sticky, and looks alot like crayon, but I don't know for sure what it is. It had to come out of Little Sister's jeans, but she's not admitting to anything. ummhm. I was testing to see what would get it out (alcohol will, with a little elbow grease) and then I thought more about putting flammable solvents in to my dryer. Not a good idea! I decided I don't really care if the sheets get blue stuff all over them, and, if there's any left over, I'll do a load of my really old and grungy towels until all the blue stuff is out. Hey, I bet I know what it was! Melted Smurf!

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Top Hat said...

Hey. I just ran into your site (again) and it's now officially on my Google Reader. And congrats on the pregnancy!