Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween! (with explosions)

y'know, I always thought glass exploding was an old wives tale. Extremes of temperature? moisture on a hot glass? naaah, never happen. well, I just spent half an hour cleaning up a broken Pyrex glass bowl off the stove that literally exploded. It was my fault, mea culpa, I left the bowl on the stove (full of pumpkin seeds from the jack-o-lantern's we made this afternoon) and accidentally turned on the wrong burner. That is, I turned on the burner under the bowl, instead of the one that I actually MEANT to turn on. oops. I left the kitchen (to go get on the computer) and 10 minutes later, there was this "Crash!" from the stove. Big J and I rushed for the kitchen, b'cause we both thought the cats (or the little boy) had knocked something off, but, no. It was a classic example of glass' reaction under temperature stress. Anyway, the moral is, be careful with your glass bowls.

And here, is pictures of my little one. We went over to Sam's Club this evening, where they were having trick-or-treat, and stories, for the little ones. We were doing that because I had thought Little J was really too little to go around the neighborhood...we came home, and Big J took the Little one around to the local houses. what can you say? little boys, big boys...they all like candy.

Here's pictures of my little one...


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