Friday, October 19, 2007

Do I have a boring life?

A friend of mine was talking to me about coming to visit. To visit me, that is. That's cool, it would be great, I haven't seen her in person in years. But, then she asked "So, what is there for me to do there?"

::blink, blink::

Say what? How do I answer that? My friend is recently single again, but even when she was in a relationship, she normally went out in at night, went clubbing, spent time at bars...that's in contrast to me, who hasn't been in a bar in (let's see, it had to be before Little J was born) over 3 years, hates the smell of cigarettes, and, at this point in my pregnancy, is exhausted by 6pm. Even when we were in college, I would just as rather spend the evening with a good book as go out to a party.

I don't do anything! I don't go to concerts anymore, it's expensive to take the whole family out to a restaurant, I'm exhausted half the idea of a fun trip is to go to a fiber fest. (oh, and in case you're not busy Saturday - Southern Indiana FiberArts Festival ) Or the library (Not the bookstore. How much browsing can YOU do with a two year old shrieking happily and running amok within the bookshelves?).

i need a life.

I'll take her to the local yarn stores. She crochets. Yep. That'll work. ;)

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Top Hat said...

It probably doesn't help your situation that there isn't much more than corn in Indiana (and Indiana Beach isn't all that great if you're older than 11). At least it's October; maybe you could try a haunted house or something.