Friday, October 05, 2007

Ultrasound pics

Or, I'm having an alien baby. LOL! No, but at this point, the ultrasounds of the darling little girl's (the tech wouldn't give a 100% guarantee(of course not), but said that the baby looked like a girl) face DO look very much like an alien. The doctor thought everything looked good; skull, brain, bones, hearts, fingers...
Even legs! During the ultrasound, we saw alot of baby's hands and feet, because she kept wiggling them around. I think she's going to be another very active baby. It's that old mother's curse, "May you have children just like you were!"
Big J was able to come along to the ultrasound, and he had ahold of Little J. We tried to get the little boy interested in the pictures on the monitor, but, c'mon Mom, black 'n white? I don't think the pictures made much sense to him. Since then, I've sat him down and tried to explain about the new baby, but, I don't think he was listening. Oh well, another 4 months, and then it'll be easier to explain.


omly said...

I love that you are willing to share these little glimpses into your pregnancy. I am biased towards little girls, but either way, the little one looks like (s)he is healthy, active and beautiful.

letah75 said...


First off, cute new baby, yes she looks like an alien, but aliens are very popular now 'a days, and you could probably sell your "I'm having an alien baby" story to one of the many junky newspapers that you read while waiting in line at the grocery store. :-)

Secondly, I saw that one of your fave books is "Friday", I LOVE that book. "The Cat Who Walks Through Walls" is good too.

Thirdly, Crochet ROCKS!!!!

SusanKnits said...

Congrats on your baby -- your 2nd, it sounds like? And bless your heart for even thinking about knitting Christmas presents. With a little one and another on the way, I'd be sleeping in stead!

andrea said...

how exciting!!! congrats on the babe.