Friday, November 09, 2007

Continuing on Christmas #1

Christmas stocking #1 is coming right along. The stranded section is going faster than I thought it would; holding the yarn two-handed really is faster, now that I've got some practice at it. I think I should be done with this stranded section tomorrow. Hopefully, I've got enough in the white skein to finish up, without starting a new skein. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! When I start Christmas stocking #2, (I must have 2, there's two kids here. I'll have to knit another one next year for the new baby.) I'm going to reverse the colors, so that white is the background color.

Poor Little J, he was feeling really icky yesterday evening. He was running a fever, and just wasn't acting normal. He stayed plopped on the couch, wanted a blanket over him, and when his Daddy asked if he was okay, his reply was a little "no". Poor baby. He feels much better today, though. So much so that he didn't take a nap...

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