Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Travel

I am glad to be home again, with almost a month before we travel to Kansas for Christmas, and we had a really nice time in Wisconsin. When we drove up, it was cold, rainy, and snowy, but Thanksgiving itself and the Friday and Saturday were nice. Cold, but nice.

As I put in the previous post (I thought I'd separate them out) I did get some knitting done. I was pretty actively directing (doing directions?) while we were driving thru Chicago (coming and going), and my knitting in the dark is limited to simple stockinette and ribbing, so I didn't get as much time in the car as I had thought I would.

Thanksgiving itself was very nice. We spent the day with BigJ's sister (SisterJ!) and her family. Her husband cooked a wonderful turkey dinner (BigJ wants me to fix the butternut squash risotto. must find recipe...) and Little J loved hanging out with her big kids. Me, except for the time spent eating, I plopped on the couch and worked on my Clessidra knitting. Little Sister spent Thursday and Friday nights over at her house, so Big J and I had the hotel room all to ourselves. Well, while the little one was asleep.

Friday, Big J and I did touristy things. We drove around Kenosha, mostly. We found Fiddlehead Yarns, a LYS I'd seen on, and I shopped. Big J was feeling a bit left out of the shopping experience, so we drove around looking for a shop he wanted to buy something at. Can you believe, Kenosha dosen't have any major Bookstores? At least, we didn't find any. We DID find a toystore. The Learning Express. Wow, that place was fun. Little J was occupied with the toy dinosaurs, so the husband and I took turns looking at everything else. Eventually, we left with a stack of goodies. Some things are for Christmas, and some aren't.

PICT0003My friend Fleur, and her neice, B, came down from Green Bay to see me. Yay! I hadn't seen Fleur in ages, so this was really really nice. We went and visited the Kenosha Dinosaur Museum, and the Kenosha Public Museum, then had supper at SisterJ's house. we ate Turkey Day leftovers, of course! :) BigJ and I drove Fleur and B to Milwaukee, so they could catch a bus back to Green Bay. We had an interesting time getting there...good thing BigJ and Fleur insisted we leave early. Let's say, if I could remember where everything I saw was, I would be able to give you a detailed tour of downtown Milwaukee. And then it took BigJ and me an hour to get OUT of Milwaukee, because we managed to get lost. Oh well.

We came back on Saturday, and I was just exhausted. I'm feeling better today, and tomorrow, Little J and I will be in our ordinary schedule. Hope y'all had a good holiday too!

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